Thank you contacting us, Following is a brief presentation of our services.
For more information, Please call : Tel.03-3476-5025 Fax.03-3476-5075

We offer a choice of convenient set-menus for various occasions:

COCKTAIL MENU From \63,000
BUFFETMENU From \7,350 / person Minimum order 15 people
From \9,450 / person Minimum order 6 people

We can also supply wines and beverages. Please ask for our list.

When necessary, we can arrange for tableware

Equipment for Cocktail : from \840 / person

Equipment for Buffet : from \1,600 / person

Equipment for Diner : from \2,100 / person

Table, tableclothes, chairs and other party equipment are also available.

We can dispatch one or more cooks from our team to prepare the food in your kitchen or attend to the buffet.

COOKS Charge: free of charge for 4H only for buffet & sitting menu

Our cooks should exclusively be used to prepare and served Pachon’s food in your Kitchen or attend the buffet.

WAITERS Charge: \21,000 / 4 hours / waiter

Foods delivered about one hour before the scheduled starting time. Equipment is usually delivered and picked up separately.

Delivery area: Within 10Km from Naka-Meguro. For other areas, please consult with us.


Food Only free of charge
Food & Tableware \6,300

We advise you to make your reservation as early as possible. It might be difficult for us to honor orders with less than one-week notice.

We may not accept modifications on number of guest or menu the day before the party.

In case of cancellation 1 day before the party, 50% of the original estimate will be charged. For cancellation on the day of the party 100%of the estimate will be charged.

The invoice will be sent by mail to the delivery address unless specified otherwise.Please make sure the payment is made less than 10 days after receiving the invoice. For some big events, we may ask you to pay 50% of the estimate at least one week before the party.
If you wish to pay on delivery, please let us know in advance. Consumption tax (5%) will be added to the bill. Foreign diplomats may be exempted, upon presentation of the necessary documents. Please call us for details.