Preventive measures of COVID-19 spread

The restaurant Pachon is taking following steps to prevent further proliferation of coronavirus (Covid-19) in daily operations:

- Installation of hand sanitizer
- Taking temperature of all our guest and staff
- All staffs are wearing mask
- New layout to keep distance and restrict the number of seats

Keeping our guest and staff safe is our top priority. For this reason we have decided to invest in new equipment and machine for additional preventive measures:

Stand-alone contactless automatic infrared thermometer to measure body temperature quickly and accurately

Antivirus and disinfectant UV lamps have been installed on our ceiling.


Photo catalysis air purifiers around tables to prevent the spread of aerosol and other particles.

Antibacterial coatings have been sprayed in all over the restaurant surfaces. This coating will eliminate and prevent the development of most hazardous bacteria and virus for a long period.


We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to your visit and are always here to present best experience to you.

Restaurant Pachon